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2018 Lent Program - Blessed + Broken

Resources available mid-January 2018

The Lenten resource from the Archdiocese of Brisbane is renowned for its ease of use, first class production of all printed materials (book, prayer cards and poster), website, video and audio segments. We always listen carefully to feedback from parishes and group participants – over 150,000 participants since 2000.

The Reflections page provides a sample video of the Gospel Reflections. The videos for the six weeks of Lent; will be uploaded at the beginning of Lent. Ideal viewing on a phone or tablet.

On the Stories page you will find a sample video of Blessed and Given (personal stories). The stories for each week of Lent will be uploaded at the beginning of Lent. The twelve videos are available on the DVD (Disc 1 of a box set of DVD and 2 audio CDs). The scripts (PDF) for each story will also be provided on this page.

For each week, there are further readings and resources and suggested action for individuals and groups to ‘Live the Good News’ day by day. These are listed on the Act page.

Evangelisation Brisbane is very grateful to parishes, bookshops and individuals across the world who support our resources. We are also grateful to the many people who assisted in the production of this resource.