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Break Open the Good News: Gospel Reflections

Videos of the six Gospel Reflections will be uploaded at the beginning of Lent.

  • Dr Antonia Pizzey (Australian Catholic University)
  • Rev Dom Orih (Archdiocese of Brisbane)
  • Bishop Tony Randazzo (Archdiocese of Sydney)
  • Fr Rob Galea (Diocese of Sandhurst)

Three of the gospel reflections are written by Dr Antonia Pizzey. Antonia has just completed her first year teaching as a lecturer at ACU in the School of Theology. For the Lenten program she brings a wealth of knowledge of scripture and theology as well as the perspective of a young adult in the Church.

The other three reflections are written by Fr Dom Orih (a young Nigerian priest in the Archdiocese of Brisbane), Bishop Anthony Randazzo (Archdiocese of Sydney) and Fr Rob Galea (Diocese of Sandhurst).

Gospel Reflection - Week 1

Gospel Reflection - Week 2

Gospel Reflection - Week 3

Gospel Reflection - Week 4

Gospel Reflection - Week 5

Gospel Reflection - Week 6